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SRKajol Interviews

SRKajol DDLJ-500.Woche:

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SRkajol: ........Whispering something to eachother

NDTV: Kajol and Shahrukh many congrats for DDLJ reaching 500weeks.

SRKajol: Thank you

NDTV: Thank you very much fot taking time out for us. Ladies first...Senorita...

Kajol: Don't call me that! (laughs)

SRK: Only I can her that...(smiling)

NDTV: Only Shahrukh can call you Senorita!

SRK: And nobody else..

NDTV: The film, it was such a big hit. How do you feel? (to Kajol)

Kajol: Arhh,..I think were all just grateful..frankly because I dont think anyone expected it. Nobody could have said at any point when we were making the movie that the film would run for so that point of time we just wanted it to be a hit..If it happens it will be GREAT for us!!!

NDTV: Shahrukh whats the secret..Why do people LOVE this film so much?

SRK: I think at that the time all the films being made were very action oriented..Then suddenly you had a film that was very different. In a sence it was very anti-thesis to what was happening..Normally the hero and heroine would ran away from home and get married etc. So I think the whole film's progressivness was that you had a boy and girl who said NO!..we'll talk to our parents and make them understand that we are not bad childred and running away from home and getting married is old fashinoned. So I think that one of the reasons. Secondly the film Adi made had a lot of youngsters Karan,'m still young (Kajol starts laughing)

Kajol: And I'm younger than you!!!! (hitting SRK)

SRK: Yeh..and your younger than me! So Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge..Phir se Le Jayenge!!!! (kajol still laughing looking at him soo cute!!!) I think we were all that time wheather we were friends or becomming friends and now even 10 years later..and before that we knew eachother worked together. That level of comfort for everyone not just the hero and heroine..just FRIENDSHIP!!!!

Kajol: Yeh..(agreeing very wisely..LOL)

SRK: Laughing, mucking around, playing. I think thats what makes Dilwale special I don't think you will ever be able to make including us Dilwale again..unless you get that level of friendship and happiness.

NDTV: Kajol. Do you think understanding and following tradition and being Hindustani made it what it is people liking it so much?

Kajol: Umm..I think that was special for the character YES..but if it was only that then I dont agree with it because I think Shahrukh's character in the film was totally non-hindustani..(laughs) I mean playing football doing this and that being a modern brought up abroad kind of character. So I think yes it was apart of it but I wouldn't say it was the one special thing that stood out or anything like that.

NDTV: Kajol your character the typical indian young women who believes that theres sumone out there 4 u wat do u say abt that?

Kajol: (big smile) I believe that. I really believe that in life as well i really do.

NDTV: So would you tell the fans that keep watchin this movie?

Kajol: Yesss! I would say dont compermise. Wait till that one person comes along who u believe u want to spend the rest of your life with. Don't compermise I dont think it's worth it.

NDTV: Okay do you believe?

SRK: I believe that which ever girl doesn't find a boy main hoon (I'm there) They can always come to me..(kajol laughs and hits him across his shoulder.. )

NDTV: Gauri won't be happy.

SRK: No..No..She'll understand.

Kajol: Yeh right!!!! (LOL!!!)

NDTV: There was a very serious scene...(after they wake up from Zara Se Jhoom..) Wat happend?

SRK: It wasn't a serious scene. (kajol hits him..again) I convienced her that she slept with me that night and behaved unlike a lady.. There was a zipper..when doing the scene the zipper's noise would...

Kajol: (interupting) There was nothing weird about the zipper..We just found it very funny at that point (laughing)

SRK: (at Kajol) I just like to balme the zipper instead of you or me!!! Anyways we laughed/mucked up in alot of other scenes this one just landed in the Guiness book of records..17 takes I think.

Kajol: And Adi was soo angry.

SRK: If you still look at that scene the smile is still in our eyes.

NDTV: We have to elements of the film the cowbell and little gutair.

SRK: (to kajol) Ain't I playing well than in the movie..(he makes screeching noises with it)

NDTV: And Kajol your cowbell?

Kajol: Most irretating bell in the world coz whenever we were in Switzerland travelling on the road we would ring it on our bus and all the cows would come on the road!!!

SRK: Shake it...And the whenever she forgot it was left on the front door step..( SRKajol crack up laughin) So its a sign of love and romance.

Kajol: Yeh..So whoever loves me put on a cow bell and come on down to India.

NDTV: Why do always run after girls who are getting married etc. there was Simiran in DDLJ and Anjali in KKHH etc.?

SRK: Its a childhood problem..I have to go see the doctor. Before I used to romance girls who weren't made for me so suddenly I stopped doing that and now I am doing films like this..were the girls are made for me Its a phase im going though..(kajol laughing at him)

Kajol: Hain...chasing after other peoples women (smiles)

NDTV: Which song has most memories for you guys?

SRKajol: All the songs. SRK: esp: Mehindi Laga was very Shaadi oriented.

NDTV: Kajol b4 DDLJ did you ever hav a Karua Chot prayer thing ( sorri I dont noe how to spell it)?

Kajol: Nope..I hadn't actually

SRK: niether.

Kajol: What?

SRK: I'm saying I also didn't eat for 3days!!!

Kajol: (laughing) Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Also Ruk Ja..was the first time that we worked with Farah..And you and Adi dropped me that was soo sick!!!

SRK: Oh ya..we didn't tell her coz we wanted that expression of hers. I even like Hoga hai tujko..I really liked that.

Kajol: too.

NDTV: Show us sumfin with you lil gutair thing...

SRK: Okay..(he starts to play and Kajol shakes her head)

NDTV: The gutair is a bit out of tune its not your fault.

SRK: I know.

Kajol: Leave it Shahrukh..people will change the channel (LMAO!!!!! )

NDTV: Kajol ur n SRK's hit jodi. Will we be able to see it again?

SRK: YESS..Yes..Please say yes.

Kajol: I'll think about it (saying it cheekly)

SRK: Every1 depends on Kajol..coz in every movie we done she always leaves me (kajol big laugh)

Kajol: I would love to do all my films with him.

NDTV: All the fans miss you Kajol your such a versertile actress..villian roles u also do greatly ( Kajol looks at SRK and does this no joke I swear)

SRK: making us feel sad now.

Kajol: YEH!!! I know...

SRK: (starts acting that his crying) When are u gonna come bak..the people dont want to see me I keep on comming in movies..WHEN ARE YOU GONNA COME BAK..(still crying) Seriously she doing work now. She took a break because shes got the most beautiful baby in the world.

Kajol: Yeah..thats right. But besides Suhana and Aryan.

SRK: Yes. and then she'll continue to work Inshallah..She already is in a film..shes using it as a testing time and we will Inshallah work. And I will only be too thrilled when she works with me and so will she be thirilled (Kajol agrees) when she works with me. But right now were young.

Kajol: Haha..right now were onli in our 20's near 30's we'll see when were mid 30's to 40 (teasing)

NDTV: Which was your fave. scene or Dialoge?

Kajol: The bridge scene..I love that scene that was my Favourite.

NDTV: Thats the Palat..Palat scene.

SRK: Palat..that was added last minute..but the whole...

Kajol: Yeh..the whole scene was just so nice!!! He suddenly says I love you..and she my character is completely shocked..whoops I can remember the dialoge

SRK: Its wasnt a dialoge it was just that he then says wat do u think im actually in love with you..then she goes away and shes very hurt and as a character shes like Oh he loves me etc. And another Dialoge we both liked was "its ok sinorerita bade bade baathe aisi chote chote desho mein hote rathi hain"

Kajol: Yeh..I loved that.

NDTV: Thank u soo much for taking out your time to speak to us.

SRKajol: No. Thank you very much and God Bless U.

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